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At What Age Will You Die Quiz

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This fun test quiz will let you know how long you will live on this planet. Answer these questions and find out the exact age of your death!

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1. What is your gender?

13413 Male
13414 Female
13415 Transgender
13416 No comment

2. Do you go out partying a lot?

13417 Every chance I have
13418 A few times a month
13419 Not Really
13420 Never

3. Do you love you smoke?

13421 Yes
13422 No
13423 Occasionally
13424 Never

4. When was the last time you had sex?

13425 Last night
13426 I can't even remember
13427 This week
13428 A few weeks ago

5. Do you usually remember your dreams?

13429 Almost Always
13430 Not really
13431 Sometimes
13432 Never seen dream

6. How often do you drink alcohol?

13433 Everyday
13434 Few times in a week
13435 I don’t drink
13436 Occasionally

7. Do you like to meet new people?

13437 Sometimes
13438 Yes
13439 No
13440 Yes Always

8. Pick your favorite season:

13441 Spring
13442 Summer
13443 Fall
13444 Winter

9. What type of food you normally eat?

13445 Sweet/Sour
13446 Salty
13447 Spicy and Greasy
13448 Mild flavor

10. How often do you play sports?

13449 2 to 3 times a week
13450 Everyday
13451 Rarely
13452 Few times in a month
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