Quiz: Are You Cleverer Than Your Partner?

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If you think you are able to hide things better or are able to act according to the situation you are probably clever. Cleverness can have both positive and negative meanings like a clever person can be someone who is tactical in every aspect and his/her thoughts aren’t transparent, a clever person can also be someone who is extremely smart and has a sharp brain. If you think you have any of these qualities and your partner doesn’t, this quiz is made for you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which is your least favorite profession?

A. Software Engineer

B. Musician

C. Scientist

D. Writer

2. What do you do at parties?

A. Talk to people around me

B. Dance

C. Sit alone and observe others

D. I don’t go to parties

3. How do you like to study?

A. By making notes

B. By highlighting important points

C. By just listening to my teacher

D. By solving problems related to the topic

4. Which type of games do you play?

A. Strategy

B. Puzzle

C. Role playing

D. Action

5. Which is your favorite tourist place?

A. Mountains

B. Zoo

C. Waterfalls

D. Beach

6. How do you spend your free time?

A. Listening to music

B. Working out

C. Touring with friends

D. Reading

7. Which is your favorite subject?

A. Mathematics

B. Philosophy

C. Languages

D. Music

8. Which movie genre is your favorite?

A. Romance

B. Science and fiction

C. Musical

D. Historical

9. Which book genre do you dislike the most?

A. Novel

B. Mystery

C. Horror

D. Romance

10. How do you prefer learning a skill?

A. Ask others to teach

B. Try to learn myself

C. Listen to music while learning

D. Take breaks to go out for walks


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