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Quiz: Are You a Good Father?

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A ton goes into being a dad, one must be available and accommodate their young one. You don't need to be their biological dad to be a father. Is it accurate to say that you are somebody's father and miracle in the event that you are working superbly up until now? Take up the “Are You a Good Father Quiz” underneath and let's find out the results.

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1. How many hours do you like to spend with your kids?

40623 2 to 3 hours
40624 4 to 5 hours
40625 More than 5 hours
40626 None of the above

2. What sort of time do you spend with your kids?

40627 Enjoyable moments
40628 Not so quality time
40629 Some fun moments but nothing lasting
40630 Busy in my office work

3. Do your kids tell you everything?

40631 Always
40632 Not really
40633 Sometimes
40634 Never

4. Do you remember your kid's birthday?

40635 Yes, all the time
40636 Last time I forgot
40637 My wife always reminds me
40638 Never

5. Describe your personality as a Father?

40639 Caring
40640 Sensitive
40641 Bold and dominating
40642 Calm and understanding

6. Do you respect your kid's emotions?

40643 Yes, Ofcourse
40644 Kind of
40645 Absolutely
40646 No

7. Describe your kid's reaction when are they talking to you?

40647 Irritated
40648 Polite
40649 Interesting
40650 Angry

8. What type of relationship do you share with your kids?

40651 Pretty good
40652 Excellent
40653 Average
40654 I don’t talk enough

9. How would you react when your kids do a mistake?

40655 Argue a lot
40656 Trying to understand their situation
40657 Council them
40658 Scream a lot

10. Scale your parenting:

40659 7
40660 8
40661 9
40662 10
Let’s start the quiz

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