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Quiz: How Good Are Your Parents?

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Questions & Options

1. Do your parents say “I love you?”

136256 Absolutely, Yes!
136257 No!
136258 Sometimes.
136259 Never!

2. Do your parents feed you or they say to you, “You got two hands! Is it yourself or is there something like that?

136260 They feed me.
136261 They tell me to fix it myself.
136262 They tell me both.
136263 Either

3. Did your parents ever say you were a mistake for this world?

136264 Always
136265 Sometimes
136266 Never
136267 Often

4. Do your parents abuse you?

136268 Always, all the time.
136269 Yeah, you could say that.
136270 Never!
136271 Sometimes.

5. Do your parents say that they whipping you and punish you because they love you?

136272 Yes!
136273 No!
136274 I don't get whipped or punished.
136275 Often...

6. Do your parents let you play in the street?

136276 Duh.
136277 Nah.
136278 Daily
136279 Sometimes.

7. Do your parents throw you into the tub without testing the water? Or do you go voluntarily?

136280 Yeah!
136281 No!
136282 Once
136283 Always

8. Have your parents ever told you that they want you never to be born?

136284 Yes, they did once.
136285 They do sometimes.
136286 What? No, never!
136287 Once,

9. What's your parents' way of punishment?

136288 Physical punishment
136289 Taking away my phone
136290 They do not usually punish me, they
136291 Just give me advice

10. What is the reaction of your parents when getting a bad grade?

136292 They shout at me hours
136293 They give me rigorously lecture
136294 They gave me the ground so that I could stay home studying all-day
136295 They do not care about my grades
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