From The Diary of Anne Frank Story Quiz For 10th Grade Student

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Anne Frank was born in Germany, she and her family had to migrate to Amsterdam to escape persecution. Anne was said that Paper has more patience than people. Mr. kessing was the teacher of Anne of subject maths. Mr. kessing was punished Anne because she was talking in the classroom..... So take this quiz and check your knowledge about the story from the diary of Anne Frank.

Questions Excerpt

1. On which date did Anne record the incident in Mr. Keesing's class in her diary?

A. 12 June 1942

B. 21 June, 1942

C. 20 June, 1942

D. 22 June, 1942

2. How old was Anne's father when he married her mother?

A. 34

B. 35

C. 36

D. 32

3. In which city were Anne and Margot sent to live with their grandmother?

A. Berlin

B. Aachen

C. Munich

D. Bonn

4. What was the name of Anne Frank's sister?

A. Margaret

B. Margot

C. Marrie

D. Martina

5. Who was the only survivor from Anne's family?

A. Anne

B. Anne's mother

C. Anne's father

D. Anne's sister

6. What was Anne Frank's full name?

A. Anneliese Marie Frank

B. Anna Mariam Frank

C. Anne Mark Frank

D. Anneliese Martina Frank

7. How many siblings did Anne have?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

8. Why did she not want to give a brief in the diary at first?

A. She didn't want to be formal

B. She wanted the diary to be her real friend

C. Both of these

D. None of these

9. What name was her book published with?

A. From the Diary of Anne Frank

B. The Diary of a Young girl

C. Anne Frank

D. Anne Frank's Diary

10. When was the diary given to Anne?

A. 11th birthday

B. 12th birthday

C. 13th birthday

D. 14th birthday

11. What did she write in her last essay?

A. A poem

B. A joke

C. A paragraph

D. A funny poem

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