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Quiz: Will You Make A Good Father?

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We share a different sort of relationships with our kids. Some dads are the best friend type, some are dominating, on the other hand, some are quite funny or sharing a bad relationship type. At one point we all have asked ourselves about our parenting skills. Take this “Will You Make A Good Father Quiz” and find out what kind of father you are.

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1. Are you religious?

40831 Very much
40832 Not exactly
40833 A little
40834 Not at all

2. How would you react if your child wanted to join the glamour world?

40835 Ok with the decision
40836 Trying to having conversation with him
40837 Be into the debate
40838 Say “No”

3. Do you spend some quality time with your son/daughter?

40839 No
40840 Sometimes
40841 Always
40842 When it is required

4. What kind of activity do you like to do with your kids?

40843 Playing hide and seek
40844 Go for movie
40845 Having lunch at his/her favourite place
40846 Watching cartoons

5. Would you like to play a lot with your kids?

40847 Probably not that much
40848 Yes
40849 I would love to, but don’t have time
40850 Hardly do that

6. Do you smoke a lot?

40851 Yes
40852 Very often
40853 I used to
40854 Not at all

7. How often do you drink?

40855 Never
40856 Regularly
40857 Occasionally
40858 When watching movie with wife

8. Describe your personality?

40863 Disappointed
40864 Happy
40865 Hypocrite
40866 Controlling

9. What kind of job you are doing?

40867 Blogger
40868 Engineer
40869 CA
40870 CEO of my company

10. Relationship with your kids:

40871 Friendly
40872 Loveable
40873 Not so good
40874 Very bad
Let’s start the quiz

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