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Which Two Disney Princesses Are You a Combination Of Quiz

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Are you a Disney person? Do you like to watch Disney shows, characters, and Disney as a whole? Well, when talking about Disney, how can anyone not talk about the Disney princesses? They are the most interesting and adorable characters ever. We all have sometimes thought what if you are a match of any Disney princess? But, how would be the case if you were a combination of two Disney princesses? What personality traits and characteristics would you be sharing with them? For all the Disney lovers, try out this very interesting quiz and see which two Disney princesses are you a combination of?

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1. What is your personality?

115076 Generous
115077 Quirky
115078 Adventurous
115079 Smart

2. Which type of place do you like for vacation?

115080 Forests
115081 Beaches
115082 Countryside
115083 Forests

3. Which compliment excites you a lot?

115084 Your laugh is contagious
115085 Your style is on point
115086 You are down to earth
115087 You have a beautiful voice

4. What color outfit you admire the most?

115088 Blue
115089 Gold
115090 Red
115091 Pink

5. Where do you like to spontaneously listen to songs?

115092 Shower
115093 Library
115094 Beaches
115095 Garden of roses

6. What does your ideal sidekick do?

115096 Give you life advice
115097 Serve your enemies ass
115098 Posess magical powers
115099 Be an enthusiastic dancing buddy

7. Choose your favorite shoes?

115100 Kitten heels
115101 Trendy sneakers
115102 Mary janes
115103 I prefer going barefoot

8. Pick your favorite time of the day?

115104 Sunrise
115105 Noon
115106 Afternoon
115107 Night

9. Pick your way of dealing on a day off?

115108 Watch Disney movies
115109 Go to spa
115110 Curl in your bed
115111 Brunch with friends

10. What is your favorite hairstyle?

115112 Cute Bob
115113 Lucious Curls
115114 Fluffy Bangs
115115 Bold Color

11. What is your favorite Disney treat?

115116 Dole Whip
115117 Churro
115118 Mickey Ice Cream Bar
115119 Mickey Caramle Apple

12. What is your favorite movie genre?

115120 Action
115121 Comedy
115122 Horror
115123 Romance
Let’s start the quiz

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