Which Heartslabyul Character would be your romantic partner

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
Take this quiz to find out which heartslaybul character would be your romantic partner from Twisted Wonderland. This is made with the personality quiz guidelines. There will be the other dorms later but i'm doing Heartslabyul right now since i feel like it.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which trait would you look for in a ideal partner

A. Careless

B. Stern

C. Carefree and Extremely Happy

D. Caring

E. Sweet and Loving

2. What's one trait about you that you love about yourself during your schoolwork.

A. Takes break in between assignments to get the homework done.

B. Falls asleep during homework

C. Too hard to memorize the material

D. Simply doesn't want to do it

E. Works Extremely hard over the material and helps others understand it.

3. If you could use any of these signature spells (Unique Magic) which would you really want to use if your partner allowed you to.

A. Off with your Head!

B. Doodle Suit!

C. Bet the Limit!

D. Split Card!

E. Eh, I'm not sure. I don't really want to use a Signature Spell!

4. If your Partner deisgned you an outfit to go to the ball which would you perfer to wear

A. A beautiful soft pastal blue dress with little spade symbols decorating the gown + Royal Blue Flats

B. Soft Pastal Orange color, Free movement is alright! + Black Boots

C. Any color! It doesn't matter the style, as long as it has Black Flat Pumps

D. Any shade of green is fine, Just make sure it's flexible and flowy and free movement

E. Tight and form-fitting, Elegent crismon red color. + Red High Heels

5. How would you Style your hair for your partner?

A. Long hair that's unkempt

B. Long wavy hair with blue strands.

C. Delicate and Beautiful Curls

D. Medium lengeth hair that's flowy and wavy

E. Medium length hair that's been styled into soft curls.

6. How well would you keep your room clean to impress your Romantic Partner

A. Organized but Messy

B. Neat and Organized, and without clothes scattered over the ground

C. Neat but stuff layed all over the ground.

D. Messy without a care in the wirld.

E. Neatly made but not organized

7. Who would you have a best friend while hanging out with your romantic partner

A. Ace Trappola

B. Riddle Rosehearts

C. Chenya

D. Deuce Spade

E. Any of them!

8. What is your favorite type of desert?

A. Chocalate Cake

B. Brithday Cake Sundae

C. Strawberry Tart

D. Brownies

E. None of them! Salty's better

9. What is your favorite hobby that you enjoy to do with your partner?!~

A. Gaming!

B. Social Media!

C. Baking!

D. Studying for a test!

E. Causing Troblue!

10. Which type of Anime would you watch with your Romantic Partner?

A. Food Wars

B. Sword Art Online

C. Pokemon

D. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

E. Wedding Peach

11. Your having a gaming night with your Romantic Partner, But your partner doesn't know which type of game would suit their tastes.

A. Tetris

B. Luigi's Mansion

C. Call of Duty

D. Cooking Mama

E. Genshin Impact

12. If your partner had suddenly disappeared from your sight where would you go to look for them?

A. Horse Stables!

B. Cafeteria Kitchen!

C. The Woods!

D. Pop Music Club!

E. Mr S's Mystery Shop!

13. Your Partner is asking you which character from the movie "Alice in Wonderland" you idolize the most or you favorite/like the best!

A. The White Rabbit!

B. Alice!

C. The Queen of Hearts!

D. The Mad Hatter!

E. The March Hare!

14. You and your Partner decide to play Bored games but you both have a hard time deciding which game is a good one to play.

A. Clue!

B. Cheakers!

C. Go Fish!

D. Candy Land!

E. Trivia Pursuit

15. You and Your Partner are going to be going out on a date but can't excatly decide what type of date it'll be..! Which date type would suit you and your partner the best?

A. Paintball Date!

B. Study Date!

C. Cafe Date!

D. Movie Date!

E. Mall Shopping Date!


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