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Quiz: Which Kpop Idol Is Best For Your Personality?

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Have you ever wondered about any K pop idol and just loved them for their personality and their lifestyle? But has this thought ever crossed your mind what if any of your favorite idols is the best fit for your personality? Will each of your traits match with them? Or if any of your traits need to be somewhat moderated? If you are also confused about knowing Which Kpop Idol Is Best For Your Personality? Then, here's a solution for you! Just try out this very amazing trivia quiz and see which K pop idol actually is a perfect fit with your personality!!

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1. What is your personality?

111494 Adventurous
111495 Quirky
111496 Generous
111497 Intelligent

2. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

111498 Introvert
111499 Extrovert
111500 Introverted Extrovert
111501 Extroverted Introvert

3. Are you a party animal or a workaholic person?

111506 Party Animal
111507 Workaholic Person
111508 Both of them equally
111509 Depends on my mood

4. What are your plans for a Friday night?

111510 Sleeping
111511 Watching Netflix
111512 Partying
111513 Hang out with friends

5. Choose your favorite Disney princess?

111514 Aurora
111515 Belle
111516 Cindrella
111517 Snow White

6. Choose your favorite activity of bucket list?

111518 Scuba Diving
111519 Travelling
111520 Bunjee Jumping
111521 Volunteering The World

7. Who is your favorite pet?

111522 Parrot
111523 Cat
111524 Dog
111525 Rabbit

8. What is your favorite sweet?

111526 Ice Cream
111527 Donuts
111528 Brownies
111529 Waffles

9. Choose your favorite song?

111530 BBIBBI
111531 Not Today
111532 Power Up
111533 Love Shot

10. What is your favorite among them?

111534 Mountains
111535 Beaches
111536 Countryside
111537 Forests

11. What is your favorite movie genre?

111538 Romance
111539 Comedy
111540 Action
111541 Horror

12. What is your favorite food?

111542 Dimsums
111543 Spaghetti
111544 Pizza
111545 Burger
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