Quiz: Which Crying Breakfast Friends Are You?

Questions : 12 | Total Attempts: 26 | Recent Updated: 20-Nov-2022
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Crying Breakfast Friend is a great TV show usually seen in "Gem Glow", it was at first formally introduced in "Space Race" and was featured heavily in "Cry for Help" and "Steven Reacts". It is a show which was beloved by Steven, it consists of something that confuses the other Crystal Games. Crying Breakfast Friends is a high-quality show inspired by gifts and merchandise. In this TV Show, breakfast items keep on crying. Depending upon your personality trait of yours one is able to find which crying breakfast friends are you and best fit from the TV Show characters. This TV show really became popular among the audience and was really beloved by all.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your stubborn level?

A. 10% stubborn

B. 50% stubborn

C. 90% stubborn

D. Not at all

2. How easily do you get annoyed?

A. Not Easily

B. Never get annoyed

C. Sometimes when provoke by someone

D. Always in annoyed mood

3. Do you cry often?

A. Sometimes

B. When something hurts me emotionally

C. Never cry

D. Small things also makes me cry

4. How are you treated by your friends?

A. Bullied by them

B. By Love

C. With different hangout plan

D. Well treated with respect

5. What type of food do you prefer to eat?

A. Chineese

B. Diet

C. Italian

D. North Indian

6. What is your root behavior among the following?

A. Emotional

B. Practical

C. Sensitive

D. Rough and Tough

7. What is your role in problem-solving?

A. Problem Solver

B. Problem Creator

C. Sometimes create problem by mistake

D. None

8. Do you have any frenemies?

A. Yeah may be one or two

B. Unable to count

C. I don't feel like it

D. None

9. When you and your friend are on a road trip who mostly drives?

A. Myself

B. My friend drive

C. We drive by turn

D. Anyone who wish to drive

10. How do you feel after a full day of socializing?

A. Exhausted

B. Buzz with energy

C. Tired

D. Annoyed

11. Which quality can be considered your best quality as per your personality trait?

A. Positive and carefree attitude

B. Social Skills

C. Leadership Skill

D. Hilarious sense of humor

12. How do you plan your Saturday mostly?

A. Decide it with friends as a group

B. Plan as per plan of my friends

C. Plan something to cook

D. Stay back at home and take rest

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