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Which Alternate Universe Sans Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What do you do if you see anyone being bullied in front of you?

155039 Get that person out of that situation
155040 Try to threw some swings from bully side
155041 Attack the bully
155042 Comfort the bully, let him ignore the things

2. Among the following word which appeals to you the most?

155043 Masterpiece
155044 Galaxy
155045 Sadist
155046 Cheerful

3. Which of the following trait you cannot tolerate?

155047 Annoyance
155048 Broken
155049 Destructive
155050 Determination

4. Which of the following emoji do you almost always pick?

155051 Smile
155052 Heart
155053 Flowers
155054 Food

5. Which style do you like to be in?

155055 Casual
155056 Reserve
155057 Free
155058 Anything

6. Which sans do you hope to get?

155059 UnderFell Sans
155060 Error Sans
155061 OuterTale Sans
155062 AfterTale Sans

7. Describe your relationship with your family by any of the below statements.

155063 My Family considers me the best
155064 Not so good relationship
155065 Good relationship with the
155066 No relation with them at all

8. What do you like the most to do in your free time?

155067 Relax and sleep
155068 Think about past and future
155069 Chat and hangout
155070 Creativity

9. Which of the following describes your personality the best?

155071 Anti-Social and Destructive
155072 Creative and Supportive
155073 Depressed and ill
155074 Relaxed and Calm

10. Which trait among the following do you tolerate the most?

155075 Energetic
155076 Distracted
155077 Supportive
155078 Lazy
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