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Where Should I Live Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What type of environment do you prefer the most to live in?

7691 Place where people are always active
7692 Place where there is a peace of mind
7693 Adventerous place
7694 Place with all technology

2. What is your main concern respective of your life?

7695 Peace
7696 Comfort
7697 Adventure
7698 Technology

3. Where do you want yourself after a time span of 5years?

7699 At the height
7700 Place where you dream to be
7701 Place where you achieve peace
7702 Alone

4. What are your belief technology is a boon or curse?

7703 Technology is essential part of our life
7704 Technology is good sometimes
7705 Not required at extent level
7706 Depends on how we use it

5. What do you feel is more important aspect to achieve success in your life?

7707 Hard Work
7708 Smart Work
7709 Self Esteemation
7710 Family

6. What type of personality do you consider yourself?

7711 Funny
7712 Busy
7713 Boring
7714 Moody

7. What you love the most to do in free time?

7715 Research
7716 Hangout
7717 Travel
7718 Spend time with love ones

8. What would you choose among the following if you have are asked to choose?

7719 Career
7720 Family
7721 Principles
7722 Luxury

9. What would be your first choice among the following?

7723 Clothes
7724 Gadgets
7725 Shoes
7726 Comfortable lifestyle

10. Do you believe that success is dependent over luck?

7727 Yes
7728 No
7729 Sometimes
7730 None of above
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