Where Should I Live Quiz

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The atmosphere and the surrounding we live in plays a great role to influence our lifestyle, our presence of mind, our positivity, our personality etc. Thus we always have a connection of our place where we live in with our life. A place determines us what we are connected with, no matter where we relocate but we always try to find a place giving us an essence of our native.

Questions Excerpt

1. What type of environment do you prefer the most to live in?

A. Place where people are always active

B. Place where there is a peace of mind

C. Adventerous place

D. Place with all technology

2. What is your main concern respective of your life?

A. Peace

B. Comfort

C. Adventure

D. Technology

3. Where do you want yourself after a time span of 5years?

A. At the height

B. Place where you dream to be

C. Place where you achieve peace

D. Alone

4. What are your belief technology is a boon or curse?

A. Technology is essential part of our life

B. Technology is good sometimes

C. Not required at extent level

D. Depends on how we use it

5. What do you feel is more important aspect to achieve success in your life?

A. Hard Work

B. Smart Work

C. Self Esteemation

D. Family

6. What type of personality do you consider yourself?

A. Funny

B. Busy

C. Boring

D. Moody

7. What you love the most to do in free time?

A. Research

B. Hangout

C. Travel

D. Spend time with love ones

8. What would you choose among the following if you have are asked to choose?

A. Career

B. Family

C. Principles

D. Luxury

9. What would be your first choice among the following?

A. Clothes

B. Gadgets

C. Shoes

D. Comfortable lifestyle

10. Do you believe that success is dependent over luck?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. None of above


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