What Nationality Do You Look Like Quiz

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Every person differs other than each other not just in terms of personality, but also in terms of nationality. Every country exhibits its own culture, behavior, and overall personality. But it's just not the case that the country you live in is best for you, rather there can be a situation where your personality matches any other nationality. Have you ever thought about which nationality is your personality? Do you want to know about the same? Try out this very interesting quiz where you will get the knowledge for your personality and know What Nationality Do You Look Like?

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your personality?

A. Arrogant

B. Intelligent

C. Generous

D. Smart

2. What is your favorite color?

A. Yellow

B. Black

C. Magenta

D. Voilet

3. How often do you smile?

A. Often

B. Very Often

C. Somewhat

D. Rarely

4. Choose your natural native language?

A. Chinese

B. French

C. Russian

D. English

5. Choose what best describes your eye shape?

A. Angled downward

B. Almond Shape

C. Wide Set

D. Round

6. How often are you interested in headwraps?

A. Very Often

B. Often

C. Somewhat

D. Rarely

7. Do you like taking language classes?

A. Agree

B. Disagree

C. Somewhat agree

D. Somewhat disagree

8. How often do you use a facial mask?

A. Somewha

B. Very Often

C. Often

D. Rarely

9. How often do you go for a pedicure?

A. Rarely

B. Somewhat

C. Often

D. Very Often

10. How many languages can you speak?

A. 1-2

B. 2-3

C. 3-4

D. More than 4

11. Choose the color of your hair?

A. Black

B. Dark Brown

C. Blonde

D. Red

12. What is the color of your eyes?

A. Grey

B. Blue

C. Green

D. Black

13. How often do you lay out in the sun to tan?

A. Very Often

B. Often

C. Somewhat

D. Rarely


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