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Quiz: What Type of Surgeon Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. What is your gender?

128693 Male
128694 Female
128695 Neutral
128696 Don’t want to answer

2. Do you have a medical degree?

128697 Yes, I am a medical student
128698 I am doing masters in medicine
128699 I am a practicing surgeon
128700 I hate biology

3. Do you have any hands-on knowledge?

128701 Yes, I have several of them
128702 I am trying to learn one
128703 I am not perfect
128704 I don’t have any idea

4. Which part of the body amazes you?

128705 The bones & muscles
128706 The human brain
128707 I like everything about human bodies
128708 The human heart

5. Do you have leadership qualities?

128709 Yes, I like being a leader
128710 No, leadership stresses me out
128711 I have never tried leadership
128712 I don’t know anything about leadership

6. Do you have any prejudice towards any caste or religion?

128713 I am an orthodox Christian
128714 I don’t divide people based on their religion
128715 My family is conservative
128716 I don’t believe in all these

7. What helps you in making important decisions?

128717 Spontaneity
128718 Strategies
128719 Consequences
128720 Depends on the situation

8. Are you a creative person?

128721 Very much
128722 I like creating ideas sometimes
128723 No, I think creativity to be a pressure
128724 I have never tried creativity

9. Do you like kids?

128725 Kids are an absolute delight
128726 I love kids but don’t want to play with them
128727 Kids give me a hard time
128728 I have no idea about kids

10. What is your biggest fear?

128729 Darkness
128730 Blood
128731 Loneliness
128732 Nothing
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