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What Type of Relationship Do You Have Quiz

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The relationship is an essential part of human life. Every couple has a different kind of relationship. Condition of the relationship depends upon thinking, personality, and compatibility of the couple. Some relationship is based on love, some are based on need and some are based on money. So take this quiz and know that what is the type of your relationship?

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1. How many times do you say I love to your partner in a week?

4884 Maybe 10 times
4885 You’ve lost count
4886 At least 8 times
4887 Rarely

2. How many times do you give a surprise gift to your partner?

4888 Yes, at least once every 3 months
4889 At least twice during the year
4890 Only on Valentine’s day
4891 Yes, if you can remember that it’s their birthday

3. What is the worst thing you told your partner?

4892 Get out of my house
4893 I can’t do this
4894 This doesn’t suit you at all
4895 You might as well give up, because you’ll never make it.

4. Do you love your partner without any condition?

4896 You want to believe that you are
4897 Yes, very much so
4898 No, you are not anymore
4899 You don’t know how to answer this question

5. Do you spend a good time with your partner?

4900 Sometimes
4901 Yes, always
4902 If they ever deserve it
4903 No, almost never

6. Do you feel that you are agreeing for the commitment of life long relationship

4904 Sometimes
4905 Yes
4906 Very rarely
4907 You’ll need to think about it

7. Do you spend time with your partner’s family?

4908 No
4909 Yes
4910 You see them very rarely, so you can’t really say
4911 You doubt it

8. Do you know your partner’s best friend?

4912 Yes
4913 Yes, you know them personally
4914 May be, you are not sure
4915 No

9. Do you feel bad when your partner has a bad time?

4916 Yes
4917 You wished to improve that condition
4918 Not really
4919 Sometimes

10. Do you feel jealous when your partner is talking to another girl/boy?

4920 Always
4921 Only when it’s not in flirty way
4922 Only when other person is more attractive
4923 You pretend to do so
Let’s start the quiz

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