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What Type Of Movie Watcher Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What is your favorite movie genre?

128821 Action
128822 Comedy
128823 Drama-Romance
128824 Horror

2. With whom do you prefer to watch movies?

128825 Myself
128826 Family
128827 Friends
128828 Anyone

3. How often do you head to the theater?

128829 A couple of times in a year
128830 Try to go every month or two
128831 Barely Ever
128832 Weekly

4. Do you watch movies on Netflix?

128833 I visit the theatre
128834 I Love Netflix
128835 Occasionally
128836 I really want to see if it is a movie

5. Are you down for a 3D movie?

128837 Nope
128838 Maybe for a big, blockbuster film
128839 It’s a gimmick and I’m over it
128840 For sure

6. Which snack will you pick for a movie?

128841 Popcorn
128842 Cookies
128843 Chips
128844 Nachos

7. Are you a matinee fan or do you prefer to catch a flick in the evening?

128845 Not good with a matinee
128846 Depends on the movie
128847 Anytime
128848 Like watching movies at night

8. What is your favorite hobby?

128849 Cooking
128850 Partying
128851 Reading
128852 Listening in Music

9. When did you saw a movie last time?

128853 Within the last year
128854 It’s been a couple of years
128855 Never
128856 Within last month

10. Did you have a Blockbuster membership?

128857 Yes
128858 No
128859 Thinking to buy one
128860 Confused in selection
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