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What Supplements Should I Take Quiz

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Majority of people think that it’s difficult to eat a portion of the things that give the body the nutrients that it requires to develop and run its normal functions. From Omega and magnesium to Vitamin C and chlorella, there's a plenitude of supplements on racks that guarantee to treat a plethora of wellbeing woes. Have you been having issues picking the right nutrients supplements to address your needs? If yes, then simply take this quiz as it is intended to assist you with that. Give it a shot and attempt the outcomes you get!

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1. Which of the energy levels beneath suits you the best?

10632 Always feel slightly lazy and effectively exhausted
10633 Persistent energy levels for the duration of the day without truly peaking or troughing
10634 For the most part OK, but feel more energised in the mid year than winter
10635 My energy appears to peak in the evenings, which can make sleeping an issue

2. Do you regularly have trouble falling or staying asleep?

10636 Yes
10637 No
10638 Sometimes
10639 Never

3. What is your typical weekday dinner?

10640 Veggies, veggies and more veggies
10641 Bunches of carbs and perhaps something sweet to wrap up the dinner
10642 A decent equalization of protein, fats and carbs
10643 Most likely only a simple get and-go comfort dinner

4. Do you or have you in the past ever smoked cigarettes?

10644 Yes
10645 No
10646 Sometimes
10647 Never

5. Do you or have you in the past suffered from any form of depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder?

10648 Yes
10649 No
10650 Maybe
10651 Don’t know about this

6. Do you feel tired or have low energy?

10652 Yes in the morning
10653 After lunch break
10654 In the evening
10655 Not at all

7. Do you find yourself easily annoyed and stressed?

10656 Yes
10657 Sometimes
10658 No
10659 All the time

8. Which option will you prefer to choose?

10660 A relaxing spa break where you don’t have to move for a week
10661 Going for a place where you can experience fresh air
10662 A chilled beach holiday, anywhere actually so long as it’s hot and sunny
10663 A yoga/health retreat
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