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What Season am I? Complexion Quiz

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Seasons are variable. They change every time and bring loads of happiness and different emotions. Different season states different moods and messages that often link up with our own lives. It is fun to compare season and your skin tone, but it is an amusing thing to do. Do you want to know what season are you according to your complexion? Let's find out through this quiz.

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1. What is your complexion?

121432 White
121433 Brown
121434 Black
121435 Tanned

2. Which season do you prefer the most?

121436 Autumn
121437 Summer
121438 Winter
121439 Spring

3. Which is your favorite holiday destination?

121440 Paris
121441 New York
121442 Greece
121443 Dubai

4. Which physical attributes attract you the most?

121444 Height
121445 Complexion
121446 Eyes
121447 Figure

5. Which is your all-time mood?

121448 Gloomy
121449 Friendly
121450 Happy
121451 Depressed

6. What kinds of clothes do you prefer the most?

121452 Comfortable
121453 Chic
121454 High-street fashion
121455 None of the above

7. What is your nationality?

121456 American
121457 Australian
121458 African
121459 None of the above

8. What is your favorite pass-time?

121460 Reading books
121461 Going out with friends
121462 Trekking
121463 Sleeping

9. What kind of mentality do you possess?

121464 Optimistic
121465 Pessimistic
121466 Egoistic
121467 None of the above

10. What kinds of places attract you the most?

121468 Hot and humid
121469 Mountains
121470 Forests
121471 Beaches
Let’s start the quiz

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