What Is My Skin Tone Quiz

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There are various reasons why you should need to realize your accurate skin tone, for instance, if you need to pick establishment make-up to accommodate your skin as intently as could be expected under the circumstances. Uncertain what your skin tone is? Take this test and we'll enable you to decide an answer!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your preferred shading?

A. Dark

B. Green/Blue

C. Pink/White/Yellow

D. Red/Gold/Silver/Purple

2. What's the color of your hair?

A. Dark

B. Dark-colored

C. Blonde

D. Red

3. What is your eyes color?

A. Green

B. Dark-colored

C. Blue

D. Dim/Hazel/Black

4. What sort of hair do you have?

A. Wavy

B. Straight

C. Excessively thick

D. Frizzy

5. Do you wear makeup?

A. Indeed

B. No

C. Infrequently

D. Never

6. Do you get breakouts?

A. Constantly

B. Not by any stretch of the imagination/light breakouts

C. Probably not

D. No comment

7. What sort of music do you like?

A. Shake

B. Rap

C. Nation

D. None of above

8. Which Hollywood celebrity is more blazing?

A. Kevin Hart

B. Tiger Woods

C. Lebron James

D. Channing Tatum

9. Pick a drink!

A. Espresso

B. Tea

C. Water

D. Pop

10. What metal jewelry do you prefer on your skin?

A. Silver

B. Gold

C. Either appeals to me

D. None of above


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