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Quiz: What Is My Undertone?

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Skin tone differs from one person to another. Some have a pale undertone, some have beautiful pink skin tone resulting in light or dark skin. Are you white-skinned or dark? They are the subdued color of the skin. It is the regular hue of your skin. Sometime you have not observed it before. Let us find out. Answer the below 10-question quiz honestly to find what is your undertone with the help of this quiz.

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1. What undertone are you?

55490 Light
55491 Dark
55492 Pale
55493 Mauve

2. What is the color of your skin?

55494 Dark
55495 Light brown
55496 Brown
55497 White

3. Which season do you prefer?

55498 Summer
55499 Winter
55500 Autumn
55501 Spring

4. Do you prefer sunlight?

55502 Yes to a large extent
55503 To some extent
55504 No, I do not expose myself
55505 To a lesser extent

5. Which skin color do you like the most?

55506 I prefer white skin
55507 I prefer dark skin
55508 I will go for wheatish color skin
55509 I do not know what to say

6. Is your skin undertone good?

55510 Yes, it is
55511 It causes skin allergy
55512 No, it is not
55513 I do not know what my undertone is

7. Are you proud of your skin undertone?

55514 Yes, I am extremely proud of
55515 Rather sometimes
55516 No, I am ashamed of it
55517 I have no idea

8. Do you compare your skin undertone with others?

55518 Yes, I do so always
55519 Very rarely, I do so
55520 No, I do not
55521 I do not like comparisons

9. Do you use sun cream?

55522 Yes always
55523 Sometimes
55524 No, I do not
55525 I have never used it

10. What is bad about your undertone?

55526 It is very pale
55527 It looks colorless
55528 It is very dark
55529 I have nothing to say about it
Let’s start the quiz

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