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What Race Am I More Compatible With Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How do you describe your nature?

156443 I am an extrovert
156444 I am an introvert
156445 I am an ambivert
156446 Can’t really decide

2. How authoritative do you want your partner to be?

156447 Mutual Respect is important
156448 I like authority
156449 I want my partner to be authoritative
156450 Haven’t thought about it

3. Do you prefer old school romance or modern love?

156451 Love letters are my thing
156452 I hate romantic things
156453 Candle light dinner would do
156454 A goodnight kiss would do

4. At what age do you wish to get married?

156455 I want to wait till I settle down
156456 Haven’t thought about marriage
156457 The sooner the merrier
156458 I want to be in a live-in relationship

5. Do you wish to live alone or with your parents?

156459 Privacy matters a lot
156460 Should only make occasional visits
156461 Sure where else will they go
156462 Haven’t thought about it

6. How important is religion in your life?

156463 Spiritual but not religious
156464 I believe in science
156465 I love religion it has helped me become a better person
156466 All religions are equal and I respect them all

7. Do you like a nuclear family or an extended one?

156467 Small family happy family
156468 I love joint families
156469 I love relatives
156470 I would rather live with just my partner

8. How open-minded will you consider yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being Conservative and 10 being liberal)?

156471 1
156472 Between 2 and 5
156473 Between 6 and 9
156474 10

9. How supportive are you of your family?

156475 I am very supportive
156476 I don’t interfere in their matter
156477 I don’t care
156478 Haven’t thought about it

10. Do looks matter to you?

156479 True love is important
156480 To some extent
156481 It matters a lot
156482 Don’t know
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