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What Kind Of Pet Should I Get Quiz

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This fun quiz might give you an idea of which kind of pet would suit you best. All human being has an inner animal & this personality quiz will tell you, what kinds of pet should you get?

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1. Do you likes pets?

5568 With all my heart!
5569 No! I'm scared of them
5570 I like them.
5571 Sort of.

2. Are you lazy ?

5572 I am not lazy
5573 I am super lazy
5574 I'm on and off
5575 I have a lot of motivation

3. Do you feel lonely?

5576 A little.
5577 No.
5578 Yes.
5579 Sometime

4. How do you like to spend your spare time?

5580 Watching tv
5581 Shopping
5582 With the love one
5583 Getting some fresh air

5. How would you describe your home ?

5584 Organized
5585 Stylish
5586 Comfortable
5587 Messy

6. Which of these jobs would you prefer to have?

5588 Teacher
5589 Stay at home
5590 Doctor
5591 Engineer

7. How would you Describe your style?

5592 Unique and original
5593 Classic and safe
5594 Comfortable
5595 Daring

8. What size of pet do you want?

5596 I can handle
5597 I can pick up and carry
5598 Less handling
5599 Small
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Quiz: What Pet Should I Get?
338635 Played 01-May-2020
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