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Oogenesis Trivia Quiz

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Oogenesis is the formation of the haploid ovum from the diploid egg mother cells/ oogonia of the ovary. Oogenesis occurs in follicles of ovaries in various organisms but its period varies which supports the evidence of the basic relationship of the organisms. Oogenesis involves two biological processes as genetical programming and packaging. It usually starts before birth and complete only after the onset of puberty. So oogenesis is a discontinuous process. Only one out of 500 cells Innova stimulated by FSH which mature to form ovum. So take this quiz and know more about oogenesis.

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1. The primary germ cell in the germinal epithelium of ovary undergoes repeated mitotic division that forms.......

50430 Ova
50431 Ovum
50432 Oogonia
50433 Primary oocyte

2. In the growth phase, oogonia grow up into a large primary website by taking food from the surrounding.........

50434 Nursing cells
50435 Sertoli cells
50436 Primary cells
50437 Follicle cells

3. Which one of the following occurs in the growth phase is under the control of mitochondria and Golgi body present near the nucleus?

50438 Vitellogenesis
50439 Secondary oocyte
50440 Polar body
50441 Polocyte

4. The primary oocyte forms unequal haploid daughter cells meiosis I that is secondary oocyte and first.........

50442 Polar body
50443 Polocyte
50444 Both of these
50445 None of these

5. In the second miotic division, oocyte again divided into unequal daughter cells as the....... and second polar body.

50446 Oocyte
50447 Ootid
50448 Oogonia
50449 Ova

6. The nucleus of the oocyte gets enlarge due to the production of a large amount of........

50450 Nucleus
50451 Nuclear sap
50452 Cytoplasm
50453 None of these

7. In which phase functional ovum is formed?

50454 Multiplication phase
50455 Growth phase
50456 Maturation phase
50457 Differentiation phase

8. In the differentiation phase, ribosomes number increases as they participate actively in the synthesis of protein, required for.......

50458 Increasing of size
50459 Yolk formation
50460 Mitochondria clouds formation
50461 All of these
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