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What is The Status of Your Relationship Quiz

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Relationship plays a vital role in every human being. In every stage, we try to make a good and stable relationship. Sometimes the relationship is not good and it gives many scars on your heart but it gives some lesson to the person and makes them strong and mature. Some relationship is very good and in these kinds of relationship live their life happily with his/her partner. The relationship gives hand on experience and due to the experience we grow and learn lots of the things in the world. So please play this quiz and know your relationship status.

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1. When do you start dating your partner?

2400 From a year
2401 6 month
2402 Less than 6 month
2403 Long time

2. By heart do you feel that you are married?

2404 Most of the time
2405 No but hoping for it
2406 Not at all, you are not a marriage material
2407 Yes, I feel always

3. What kind of relationship do you want to establish with your partner?

2408 Long time
2409 Short time
2410 Not interested in making relationship
2411 Life long

4. Do you feel that you need a partner in your life?

2412 Sometimes
2413 According to situation I think
2414 May be when I need help from someone
2415 Yes I always need my partner

5. According to you, marriage is important or not?

2416 Yes
2417 No
2418 Not at all because it makes you prisoner
2419 Yes but it works on life long period

6. How many kids do you plan with your partner?

2420 Only 1
2421 I don't know
2422 No I don't prefer kids,pets are better than it
2423 More than 2 kids

7. What kind of gift do you want from your partner on your wedding?

2424 Beautiful flower
2425 Expensive jewellery
2426 Expensive car
2427 No gifts only commitment for love

8. What is the right age for marriage?

2428 At least 25
2429 30 when you are economically stable
2430 In 40 when you totally mature
2431 Any age when you feel to get married
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