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Quiz: What Is My Body Shape?

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Questions & Options

1. What is the broadest area of your body?

70266 Waist & hip
70267 Hips
70268 Shoulders
70269 Bust & hips

2. What do you think about your dietary habits?

70270 It is a balanced diet
70271 It is a healthy diet with lots of greens, fruits, and grains
70272 More often it consists of fast foods
70273 I follow a liquid diet

3. Are you consistent with healthy eating habits?

70278 Yes, always
70279 Never
70280 Sometimes, I try to maintain
70281 Often

4. The fat appears on which part of your body first?

70282 Waistline
70283 Thighs
70284 Bust
70285 Everywhere

5. What body area do you want to chop fats from?

70286 Waist
70287 Chin
70288 Hips
70289 Arms

6. How frequently do you exercise?

70290 Every day
70291 Twice or thrice a week
70292 Whenever I get time
70293 I am too lazy

7. Have you ever tried exercises for gaining or reducing weight?

70294 Yes, gaining weight was more important than body shape
70295 No, I am good with how I am
70296 Yes, I exercise to reduce weight but am very irregular
70297 I am making adjustment for a healthy exercise regime

8. Can you wear any outfit and feel confident?

70298 It is tricky sometimes
70299 Yes, why not
70300 I fit into some really well
70301 I try body-hugging dresses more

9. Are you happy with the width of your bust or chest?

70302 Yes
70303 No
70304 It should be broader
70305 It should be little slimmer

10. What do you say about your bum?

70306 Round and fuller
70307 Flat & narrow
70308 Well proportionate with rest of the body
70309 Narrower than upper body
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