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Quiz: What Generation Am I?

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Questions & Options

1. How old my generation is?

54230 20 years
54231 25 years
54232 50 years
54233 I do not know myself

2. Which generation do you belong to?

54234 I belong to the second generation
54235 I belong to the younger generation
54236 I belong to the third generation
54237 I would rather not say

3. Which country do you represent?

54238 I am a Chinese
54239 I am an Indian
54240 I am an American
54241 I represent Canada

4. How long will your generation survive?

54242 50 years
54243 80 years
54244 100 years
54245 Can’t say precisely

5. How productive your generation is?

54246 My generation is extremely productive
54247 We are less productive
54248 We belong to a mediocre generation
54249 I am not sure about it

6. How do others prefer your generation?

54250 We are preferred overwhelmingly
54251 We are less preferred nowadays
54252 People avoid us altogether
54253 I prefer not to say

7. How does your generation get along with others?

54254 We are very conservative in our approach
54255 We stay aloof from others
54256 We prefer to be friendly all the time
54257 I prefer not to say

8. How well known is your generation is?

54258 My generation is low profile
54259 My generation is known domestically only
54260 All revere my generation
54261 We are not sure about it

9. How does your generation react to criticism?

54262 We feel the heat when we are criticized
54263 We give it back with instantly
54264 We react moderately
54265 We are not sure what to do

10. What so great about your generation?

54266 We are role models for future generations
54267 We are the backbone of the previous generation
54268 We will vanish immediately
54269 I cannot say anything about it
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