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Quiz: What Disney Villain Are You?

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Isn't this strange that sometimes we love villains even more than heroes? This is funny though central to know the cunningness in you. Am I goody-goody to all or a self-centered individual? From Scar to Shan yu we love and even support the villains of Disney. So, here is an interesting 10 questions quiz that will tell you what Disney Villain is hidden in me.

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1. Which is your favorite Disney villain?

53022 Scar
53023 Shan yu
53024 Claude Frollo
53025 Others

2. Which is your favorite accessory?

53026 Crown
53027 Cape
53028 Dashing hat
53029 Magical staff

3. Which is your favorite color?

53030 Red
53031 Black
53032 White
53033 Others

4. Which is your favorite car brand?

53034 Audi
53035 BMW
53036 Bentley
53037 Mercedes

5. How do you utilize your free time?

53038 Play indoor games
53039 Play outdoor games
53040 Reading books
53041 Playing video games

6. Who is your favorite Indian cricketer?

53042 MS Dhoni
53043 Virat Kohli
53044 Sachin Tendulkar
53045 Yuvraj Singh

7. What is your biggest fear?

53046 Height
53047 Water
53048 Snakes
53049 Violence

8. Which is your favorite destination?

53050 Egypt
53051 Seoul
53052 Norway
53053 Disneyland

9. What do you like most about villains?

53054 Fearless
53055 Violence
53056 Fighting skills
53057 Provoking skills
Let’s start the quiz

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