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What Color Are My Eyes Quiz

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The eyes are small yet sketch your prophecy of the world around. It is like a window to the soul. Not only this. Eyes are the first feature to attract anyone; it is an impression of utter beauty. Have you been told you have beautiful eyes or do you know what do your eyes say about your personality? Have you noticed the color of your eye? Well, you should take this fun quiz to know what you noticed is right or wrong.

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1. What is your hair color?

64526 Dark brown/black
64527 Golden
64528 Burgundy
64529 Amber

2. Which color catches your attention first?

64530 Neon colors
64531 Nude/ Muted tones
64532 Bright Red & Orange
64533 Black & white

3. Which is your favorite color?

64534 Red
64535 Black
64536 Yellow
64537 Green

4. What is your color choice to dress in?

64538 Black & white
64539 Red & black or white
64540 Earthy tones
64541 Blue

5. Which celebrity eyes are the most hypnotic?

64542 Angelina Jolie
64543 Aishwarya Rai
64544 Mila Kunis
64545 Megan Fox

6. Who is your favorite celebrity?

64546 Demi Moore
64547 Brad Pitt
64548 Aishwarya Rai
64549 Cameron Diaz

7. What is the eye color of your favorite celeb?

64550 Dark brown
64551 Sea green/ b
64552 Blue
64553 Hazel

8. Strawberry or Kiwi; what is your favorite fruit?

64554 Strawberry
64555 Kiwi
64556 Both
64557 None of them

9. How do you describe your personality?

64558 Smart
64559 Mysterious
64560 Competitive
64561 Shy

10. Who is a better soul-mate?

64562 Light eyes-Dark skin
64563 Dark eyes- Light hair
64564 Dark eyes- Dark skin
64565 Light eyes-Light skin
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