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What Career Should I Pursue Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How good you are in managing your pocket budget?

7971 Managed by the partner
7972 Restricted with the budget plan
7973 Manage according to the situation
7974 Do not prefer any such way

2. How do you like to spend your money or savings?

7975 Spend only on needs
7976 Spend for living the dreams
7977 Believe in saving for future emergency
7978 Do not think whee to spends just depends over mood and situation

3. When you were in school which was the most like subject by you?

7979 Mathematics
7980 Science
7981 Accounts
7982 Social Science

4. Are you confident to present your point of views even when you are in public?

7983 Yes
7984 Sometimes feel shy
7985 Unable we are not sure with my statement
7986 Do not prefer public speaking

5. What can be considered more among the following?

7987 Practical
7988 Emotional
7989 Creative
7990 Impulsive

6. If you are forcefully asked to perform a task that you don't want to do what you would do then?

7991 Do the task
7992 Ask the reason that why forced to do
7993 Will make the person understand why you don't want to do it
7994 Leave the place and pretend that you quit

7. If in front of your injustice take place with someone then how would you react to the situation?

7995 Ignore it
7996 Try to stop it
7997 Calculate your profit ad then decide to help or not
7998 Inform the responsible authority

8. If a work is assigned among you and your people how would you perform it?

7999 Team Spirit
8000 Individualy
8001 Order only others
8002 Depends over the credit appraisal

9. Consider you had a long tiring day, but still your senior asks you to report again to the office due to urgent work what would you do?

8003 Quit the job
8004 Deny to go
8005 Understand the seriousness and will go
8006 Talk about timing and overtime pay

10. What do you feel trips are to you and in your life?

8007 Adventure
8008 Enjoyment
8009 Waste of Money and time
8010 Stress buster
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