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Career depends not only over the stream we study but also over various factors such as our interest, our strength, our determination for the task and much more. The best career which we can pursue can be decided on the basis of our decided goals that we want to achieve in our life. Pursuing a career in which we have interest leads not only in the making of money but also in the satisfaction of pursuing the career as we would be living our lives over it only.

Questions Excerpt

1. How good you are in managing your pocket budget?

A. Managed by the partner

B. Restricted with the budget plan

C. Manage according to the situation

D. Do not prefer any such way

2. How do you like to spend your money or savings?

A. Spend only on needs

B. Spend for living the dreams

C. Believe in saving for future emergency

D. Do not think whee to spends just depends over mood and situation

3. When you were in school which was the most like subject by you?

A. Mathematics

B. Science

C. Accounts

D. Social Science

4. Are you confident to present your point of views even when you are in public?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes feel shy

C. Unable we are not sure with my statement

D. Do not prefer public speaking

5. What can be considered more among the following?

A. Practical

B. Emotional

C. Creative

D. Impulsive

6. If you are forcefully asked to perform a task that you don't want to do what you would do then?

A. Do the task

B. Ask the reason that why forced to do

C. Will make the person understand why you don't want to do it

D. Leave the place and pretend that you quit

7. If in front of your injustice take place with someone then how would you react to the situation?

A. Ignore it

B. Try to stop it

C. Calculate your profit ad then decide to help or not

D. Inform the responsible authority

8. If a work is assigned among you and your people how would you perform it?

A. Team Spirit

B. Individualy

C. Order only others

D. Depends over the credit appraisal

9. Consider you had a long tiring day, but still your senior asks you to report again to the office due to urgent work what would you do?

A. Quit the job

B. Deny to go

C. Understand the seriousness and will go

D. Talk about timing and overtime pay

10. What do you feel trips are to you and in your life?

A. Adventure

B. Enjoyment

C. Waste of Money and time

D. Stress buster


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