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Quiz: What Music Should I Listen To?

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Music has a balmy feel for your soul. It has a soothing effect on the mind. Music not only relaxes you after a hard day, but it also energizes you when you are feeling lazy. Do you puzzle over what music should you listen to? Have you wondered how the music pacified your aggression? Try this exciting quiz to know which music you should listen to in different situations.

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1. Would you be a party animal or a couch potato?

127289 Party animal
127290 Couch potato
127291 I choose neither
127292 Depends on the mood

2. What’s your favorite movie genre?

127293 Romantic comedy
127294 Horror
127295 Sci-fi
127296 Thriller

3. Which beverage do you prefer?

127297 Tea
127298 Coffee
127299 Black coffee
127300 Hard drinks

4. How would your friends describe you?

127301 Funny
127302 Annoying
127303 Energetic
127304 Boring

5. What would you do after a break-up?

127305 Avoid the topic
127306 Drink till I drop
127307 Become a workaholic
127308 Binge eat and cry

6. What does your room look like?

127309 Neat
127310 A wreckage
127311 Clean on weekends but otherwise a mess
127312 My roommate is messy

7. On an off day, you’d find me ____________

127313 Finishing chores
127314 Catching up with friends
127315 Reading
127316 Sleeping

8. Do you mind if the music is too loud?

127317 I prefer quiet
127318 Not at all
127319 I love loud music
127320 Not at a club

9. If you could play an instrument, what’d it be?

127321 Guitar
127322 Drums
127323 Piano
127324 I’m not musical

10. Why do you like music?

127325 It soothes me
127326 Makes me feel good
127327 Inspires me
127328 Kills Tim
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