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What Are My Emotional Needs Quiz

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To keep your love alive and enjoying every moment of life meeting the emotional needs of your partner is essential. You are the only one who knows what you expect from your spouse to make you feel contented. Try replying to this emotional index quiz with complete honesty and with a couple of minutes you will able to understand his/her emotional requirement.

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1. What is most important in a relationship?

63654 Honesty
63655 Conversation
63656 Physical attraction
63657 Affection

2. How satisfied are you with your partner’s affection?

63658 Neutral
63659 Extremely satisfied
63660 Extremely dissatisfied
63661 Never think of it

3. What do want to improve in your spouse?

63662 Help with problems
63663 Tone and word selection
63664 Gifts/Cards/flowers
63665 Nothing

4. How do you sense sexual pleasure with a partner?

63666 Average
63667 Very happy
63668 Not satisfied
63669 Somewhat happy

5. How your partner does react to your problems?

63670 They come up with the best solution to it
63671 They listen but do not react
63672 They have no time to hear
63673 They work together to help with the issue

6. Are you happy with the intimate conversation?

63674 Yes, somewhat
63675 Dissatisfied
63676 Completely satisfied
63677 Unhappy to engage in intimate conversation

7. Do you look forward to undivided attention from your partner?

63678 Yes
63679 They already give full attention to me
63680 We have a balanced conversation
63681 We often have heated outburst for the same reason

8. How many times do you engage in recreational companionship?

63682 Once a week during weekends
63683 Once a month
63684 Once every fortnight
63685 Never

9. Do you ignore emotional needs?

63686 No
63687 Sometimes
63688 Often
63689 Every time

10. Do you think it is unattractive to have emotional needs?

63690 Why?
63691 Is there any logic in this?
63692 It is a vague and fuzzy thing
63693 Yes
Let’s start the quiz

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