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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Separation of Substances for Grade 6

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1. The substances which are composed of two or more substance, in which each component retain its unique property is called....

44826 Pure sebstance
44827 Mixture
44828 Solution
44829 None of these

2. Handpicking is used for removing ....... sized impurities.

44830 Larger
44831 Smaller
44832 Both of these
44833 None of these

3. The process that is used to separate the grain from the stalk is called ...

44834 Handpicking
44835 Filtration
44836 Winnowing
44837 Threshing

4. Which condition is necessary for the winnowing?

44838 Both components are in equal size
44839 Both components are lighter
44840 One component is lighter and one component is heavier
44841 Both component are heavier

5. When sieving is used?

44842 When component of mixture have different size
44843 When component of mixture have same size
44844 Both of these
44845 None of these

6. In which of the following filtration process is used?

44846 Making Rice
44847 Making Bread
44848 Making Curd
44849 Making cottage cheese ( paneer)

7. Conversion of water vapour into its liquid form is called .....

44850 Sedimentation
44851 Condensation
44852 Evaporation
44853 Filtration

8. The dust particles in the water can be helped to settle down faster by using....

44854 Salt
44855 Sand
44856 Alum
44857 All of the above

9. When no more solid can be dissolved in the given solution is called....

44858 Saturated solution
44859 Unsaturated solution
44860 Pure solution
44861 None of the above

10. Which one of the following is a pure substance?

44862 Blood
44863 Milk
44864 Air
44865 Distilled water
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