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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Oxygen Chemical Element

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Without which life cannot be imagined, the precious gift of nature is oxygen which is a vital element to life on Earth. It is the most usual element of the existing body. It makes up about 70% of the mass of the human body. Most of this is in the form of water. Oxygen also formation up about approx 30% of the Earth and 20% of the atmosphere. Breathing - The scientific name for breathing is respiration. All animals and plants use up oxygen when they breathe. They breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Decomposing - When plants and animals die, they decompose. This process uses up oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. So, take this quiz and know more about the lifeline of every living being, oxygen.

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1. Why does oxygen exist as O2?

28954 Due to βπ-pπ bonding
28955 Due to pπ-δπ bonding
28956 Due to pπ-pπ bonding
28957 Due to pδ-pδ bonding

2. What are the 3 oxygen atoms?

28958 βπ-pπ (O3)
28959 Ozone(O3)
28960 pδ-pδ (O3)
28961 None of these

3. Does O2 mean oxygen?

28962 Triatomic form
28963 Monoatomic form
28964 Diatomic form
28965 Nine of these

4. Around how much of the human body is composed of oxygen?

28966 20%
28967 10%
28968 40%
28969 65%

5. Which of the following processes produces oxygen in the oxygen cycle?

28970 Sunlight
28971 Decomposing
28972 Oxidation
28973 Respiration

6. Which of the following processes uses oxygen through the burning of fuels like wood and coal?

28974 Decomposing
28975 Combustion
28976 Respiration
28977 Oxidation

7. Which of the following processes uses oxygen through the matter of dead plants and animals?

28978 Decomposing
28979 Respiration
28980 Oxidation
28981 None of these

8. Which of the following processes uses oxygen when things rust?

28982 Decomposing
28983 Respiration
28984 Oxidation
28985 All of above

9. In which of the following processes do plants produce oxygen from carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight?

28986 Oxidation
28987 Respiration
28988 Decomposing
28989 Photosynthesis

10. What tiny plants live near the surface of the ocean and produce lots of oxygen?

28990 Seaweed
28991 Rainforests
28992 Cyclothones
28993 Phytoplankton

11. Who named Oxygen?

28994 Rutherford
28995 Antoine Lavoisier
28996 Carl Wilhelm Scheele
28997 Charles Darwin

12. Who discovered Oxigen O2?

28998 Joseph Priestley
28999 Carl Wilhelm Scheele
29000 Both of above
29001 None of these
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