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Quiz on Meghan Duchess of Sussex American Actress

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Meghan Duchess of Sussex is an American and also a member of the British royal family. She is also a former actress. During her studies at Northwestern University, she started playing small roles in television series and films. She gained her popularity immensely and became a hartthrob for millions of people. Let us now how much you know about her!

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1. When is Meghan's birthday?

20114 4 august
20115 12 september
20116 26 december
20117 31 january

2. Where was she born?

20118 California
20119 London
20120 Paris
20121 India

3. What is her surname?

20122 markel
20123 marks
20124 williamson
20125 west

4. What is her height?

20126 1.68 meters
20127 1.60 meters
20128 1.64 meters
20129 1.70 meters

5. What is her age?

20130 38
20131 40
20132 42
20133 44

6. What is the name of her mother?

20134 Doria Ragland
20135 Kaynes
20136 Maria Markel
20137 Trey Grasp

7. What is her father's name?

20138 Thomas markel
20139 Jay z
20140 Marks Markel
20141 kayne West

8. Who is her partner?

20142 Prince Hary
20143 Kaynes Williamson
20144 Jay Z
20145 Ronnie Drake

9. What is her second home?

20146 America
20147 Los Angeles
20148 Singapore
20149 Canada

10. What is her favourite show?

20150 Mad Men
20151 Mr. Bean
20152 Phineas And Ferb
20153 The masterchef
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