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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Light Abiotic Factors of Ecosystem! Test Your Knowledge About Light Abiotic Factors of Ecosystem

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Light is a complex physical factor without which no life can sustain on earth. Sun is the ultimate source of light and the other natural Sources are moonlight, starlight, luminescent organisms. Solar light before entering atmosphere constant energy 2 Cal/cm3/min. Called solar constant. The different effects of light are photosynthesis, photomorphogenesis, development, growth, reading activity animal activity etc. Take this quiz and know more about the light abiotic component of the ecosystem.

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1. Light intensity at which photosynthesis is sufficient to requirements of respiration what is called..........

46026 Photoperiodism
46027 Lapse rate
46028 Pigmentation
46029 Compensation point

2. Differentiation of various tissues and organs is directly proportional to the sunlight received by the plant is called......

46030 Breeding activity
46031 Development
46032 Photomorphogenesis
46033 Photoperiodism

3. Which of the following wing development tampon alternate light and dark exposure?

46034 Aphids
46035 Elephant
46036 Starling
46037 Goat

4. The response of a plant to the duration of sunlight in a day is called.....

46038 Plant movement
46039 Photoperiodism
46040 Photomorphogenesis
46041 Compensation point

5. Which one of the following is the long day plant?

46042 Cotton
46043 Tomato
46044 Radish
46045 Potato

6. Which one of the following is the short-day plant?

46046 Dahlia
46047 Tobacco
46048 Potato
46049 Tomato

7. Which of the following is day-neutral plant?

46050 Cotton
46051 Tobacco
46052 Potato
46053 All of these

8. Which one of the following is a short day animal?

46054 Turkeys
46055 Sheep
46056 Frog
46057 Elephant

9. Those animals which are active in daylight is called...

46058 Dirunal
46059 Nocturnal
46060 Auroral
46061 Vesperal

10. Those animals who are active during the night is called.....

46062 Vesperal
46063 Auroral
46064 Nocturnal
46065 None of these

11. Which one of the following is the example of vesperal?

46066 Butterfly
46067 Owl
46068 Cockroach
46069 Rabbit

12. Planktons are also restricted to........ Metre of water due to the availability of light.

46070 1000
46071 2000
46072 3000
46073 4000
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