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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Homeostasis! How Much You Know About Homeostasis Quiz

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Homeostasis is the ability of an organism to maintain a constant steady-state with the external environment. The organism employs various mechanisms to attain a steady-state. The science of control mechanism is called cybernetics. All non-chordates, Pisces, amphibians, and reptiles are unable to maintain constancy in their internal environment so are called ectotherms or cold-blooded organisms whereas birds and mammals can maintain the internal constancy, they are called endotherms or warm-blooded organisms. So, take the Homeostasis quiz and increase your knowledge about homeostasis.

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1. Homeostasis is.......

41875 Maintenance of stability with in an organism.
41876 Maintenance of stability within a social group.
41877 Both of these
41878 None of these

2. The science of control is......

41879 Hypostasis
41880 Homeostasis
41881 Cybernetics
41882 Homostasis

3. The cooperative working of all the internal organs is called......

41883 Steady state
41884 Homeostasis
41885 A state of equilibrium
41886 All of the above

4. Sensors and circuits in internal environment are comparable to......

41887 Receptors and nerves
41888 Effectors and receptors
41889 Effectors and nerves
41890 Receptors and hormones

5. Most of the control systems of the body act by......

41891 Positive feedback
41892 Negative feedback
41893 Allosteric inhibition
41894 None of the above

6. Negative feedback means.......

41895 Series of changes that return the factor towards certain mean value.
41896 The return of factors to zero.
41897 Product of the reaction stop the action of first step in the series.
41898 Product control the action of enzyme of the step immediate before that.

7. The volume and composition of body fluid are regulated by.......

41899 Control of urine formation
41900 Control of fluid intake
41901 Both of these
41902 None of these

8. The highly successful organisms are.....

41903 Pisces and amphibians
41904 Amphibians and reptiles
41905 Reptiles and birds
41906 Birds and mammals

9. Which feedback is very rare in biological systems?

41907 Negative feedback
41908 Positive feedback
41909 Both of these
41910 None of these

10. Which one of the following is not the example of negative feedback?

41911 Fluid homeostasis
41912 Blood thyroxine homeostasis
41913 Uterine muscles contraction during labour stimulate oxytocin
41914 Blood glucose homeostasis
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