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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Home Rule League In Indian History

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The establishment of the Home Rule League was a movement for the attainment of Swarajya by Bal Gangadhar Tilak in Belgaum. Most of its influence was spread over Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Berar. The special feature of this movement was that the British government had tried to give self-rule to the Indian colony without using non-violence. After the First World War, the tyranny of the British was increasing continuously. The British were using Indian resources in the open while blaming Indians for its loss, besides the public was also worried about rising inflation. Due to which the people were further motivated for the movement. In this way, the Homerul movement ended the dullness that was flourishing during the national movement in India and connected the people's mind with the freedom movement. Let's know more about Home Rule League In Indian History.

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1. When was Home Rule League was founded by Bal Gangadhar Tilak?

61362 26 April 1916
61363 27 April 1916
61364 28 April 1916
61365 29 April 1916

2. Belgaum is situated in which Indian state?

61366 Karnataka
61367 Maharashtra
61368 Madhya Pradesh
61369 None of these

3. Which leader was first used in the term Home Rule?

61370 Madan Lal Dhingra
61371 Har Dayal
61372 Shyam ji Krishna Verma
61373 Ashfaqulla Khan

4. The word 'Home Rule' was derived mainly from one such movement in which Country?

61374 Galway
61375 Killarney Reviews
61376 Ireland
61377 None of these

5. Which of the following is the Purpose of the Home Rule Movement?

61378 Purpose of attaining Swaraj
61379 Aim to encourage
61380 Bringing the real face and emphasizing the British protest struggle through movements
61381 All of the above

6. Which of the following is the powerful slogan of the Home Rule Movement?

61422 'Swaraj is my birthright and I will take it'
61423 'India is like a son who is now young'
61424 Both of the above
61425 None of these

7. When did Annie Besant come to India?

61426 In the year 1876
61427 In the year 1886
61428 In the year 1896
61429 In the year 1899

8. In September ------------- Annie Besant founded the Home Rule League in Adyar, Madras.

61430 In 1914
61431 In 1915
61432 In 1916
61433 In 1918

9. Who played the lead role in Annibescent's Home rule League?

61434 Yusuf Baptista
61435 V.P.Vadia
61436 Ramaswamy Iyer
61437 All of the above

10. Which of the following are the Achievements of the Indian Home Rule Movement?

61438 The Home Rule League movement gave a new direction and new dimension to the Indian independence movement
61439 The Montague reforms and the Mont ford Reforms in August 1917 were largely influenced by the Home rule League movement
61440 This movement gave importance to the public
61441 All of the above
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