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Quiz: How Much You Know About Fertilization?

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Fertilization is the fusion of male and female gametes to form the zygote. It is highly species-specific. The type of fertilization varies in different animals but the basic facts remain the same. Basically there are two types of fertilization first one is external fertilization another one is internal fertilization. External fertilization usually occurs in all aquatic animals and it takes place outside the body of the parents. In internal fertilization male deposit sperms during copulation either in the oviduct or into spermathecae of the female so that fertilization takes place inside the body of the female. So take the Fertilization quiz and increase your knowledge about fertilization.

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1. What is monospermic fertilization?

42051 Fusion of egg more then one sperm
42052 Fusion of egg with single sperm
42053 No fusion of egg and sperm
42054 None of the above

2. Which one of the following prevents polyspermy?

42055 Fertilization cone
42056 Jelly coat
42057 Fertilization membrane
42058 Tertiary membrane

3. Unfertilized ovum generally fails to divide because......

42059 It has no centriole
42060 It has only small nucleus
42061 Its nucleus to cytoplasm ratio is stable
42062 Number of Mitochondria are less so do not provide enough energy for division

4. The fusion of sperm and ovum pronuclei is......

42063 Karyokinesis
42064 Parthenogenesis
42065 Oogenesis
42066 Amphimixis

5. What is the name of the development method when the eggs of certain insects develop without fertilization?

42067 Parthenogenesis
42068 Amphimixis
42069 Neotony
42070 Amplexus

6. If the unfertilized egg is pricked with the help of microneedle it will......

42071 Die immediately
42072 Divide
42073 Not affected
42074 Remains undivided

7. Which path is followed by the male nucleus to fuse with female pronucleus?

42075 Penetration path
42076 Copulation path
42077 Fertilization path
42078 Capacitation path

8. When is the jelly deposited as a cover on the eggs of the frog?

42079 In the water after fertilization
42080 In the water during fertilization
42081 In the water before fertilization
42082 In the oviduct

9. Gray crescent is a part of.....

42083 Zygote of chick
42084 Zygote of frog
42085 Retina in rabbit eye
42086 Brain of mammals

10. In which of the following animals, fertilization is external?

42087 Hen
42088 Earthworm
42089 Frog
42090 Hydra

11. Which minerals are essential for the acrosomal reaction?

42091 Potassium and sodium
42092 Sodium and Calcium
42093 Calcium and magnesium
42094 Potassium and iron

12. What is the name of the region from where sperm enters into the egg?

42095 Equator
42096 Animal pole
42097 Fertilization membrane
42098 Receptor cone
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