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Trivia Quiz On Endocrine Glands Of Human

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Endocrine glands do not have ducts to carry their secretion to the target organs. These glands secrete their secretion into the blood for their transportation to the site of action. The science which deals with the endocrine gland is known as Endocrinology. Let's play this quiz and check your knowledge about endocrine gland of the human.

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1. How many endocrine glands are present in the human body?

20486 4
20487 10
20488 9
20489 2

2. Which one is the largest Endocrine gland?

20490 Pituitary gland
20491 Thyroid gland
20492 Pituitary
20493 Gland

3. What is the shape of Parathyroids?

20498 Circle
20499 Oval
20500 Rectangle
20501 Square

4. Which one is a mixed Endocrine gland?

20502 Pituitary gland
20503 Thyroid gland
20504 Pancreas
20505 Parathyroids

5. Which gland is known as 4S gland?

20506 Pancreas
20507 Pituitary gland
20508 Thyroid gland
20509 Adrenal gland

6. The thymus gland is situated in .....

20510 In front of heart
20511 In front of liver
20512 In front of kidney
20513 In front of uterus

7. Which gland produces gametes?

20514 Thymus gland
20515 Gonads
20516 Hypothalamus
20517 Pancreas

8. Which hormones are mostly steroids?

20518 Growth hormone
20519 Thymosin
20520 Sex hormone
20521 Melatonin

9. Which gland is active in young ones but gradually becomes inconspicuous after sexual maturity?

20522 Gonads
20523 Hypothalamus
20524 Pancreas
20525 Thymus gland

10. Neurohormones were first discovered by...

20526 Guillenin and Schally
20527 James Watson and Francis Crick
20528 Charles Darwin
20529 Theodor Schwann and Matthias Schleiden
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