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Transportation In Animals And Plants Trivia Quiz For 7th Grade Students

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Transportation in animals & plants is one of the very important chapters of science. Transportation means delivering things from one place to another place. The body of an organism requires nutrients and oxygen to deliver out various life processes. The waste product produced to the various functions inside the body also needs to be transported and protrude. So the term transport may be defined as a life process in which a material is absorbed in one part or organ of an organism and is delivered to other parts in its body. In animal bodies, these functions are carried out by an internal transport system called a circulatory system. It makes food, water, and oxygen available to every part of the body and helps in removing waste material (urea, CO2) The circulatory system consists of blood, blood vessels, and heart. Let's take transportation in animals and plant trivia quiz for 7th-grade students.

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1. Which is the protein parts of blood?

115408 Erythrocytes
115409 Leukocytes
115410 Plasma
115411 Platelets

2. Average ... times adult heart beating per minute while at rest.

115412 40
115413 55
115414 70
115415 120

3. Due to which of the following the clot is formed when the bleeding stopped from a wound in a human body?

115416 RBC
115417 WBC
115418 Platelet
115419 Hemoglobin

4. The blood vessels which carry oxygen-rich blood from lungs to beat are called?

115420 Pulmonary artery
115421 Artery
115422 Vein
115423 Pulmonary vein

5. Which of the following vascular tissue transports food to various parts of the plant?

115424 Phloem
115425 Xylem
115426 Both of the above
115427 None of the above

6. Who among the following discovered blood circulation?

115428 William Harvey
115429 Luis Pasture
115430 Adman Hillary
115431 Alexander Flemings

7. Which of the following body organs is used to filter waste products from the blood?

115432 Heart
115433 Kidneys
115434 Langs
115435 Liver

8. The heart rate of an adult is...

115436 60-65 per minute
115437 70-80 per minute
115438 50-65 per minute
115439 None of these

9. The Plasma are...

115440 Blood
115441 Fluid part of blood
115442 Red pigment percent in blood
115443 All of the above
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