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The Princess Bride Quiz- How Well Do You Know The Princess Bride?

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1. Robin Wright was on which soap opera when she was cast to play the Princess Bride?

176791 As the World Turns
176792 Days of Our Lives
176793 General Hospital
176794 Santa Barbara

2. The Princess Bride movie is based on a book of the same name. Who’s the author?

176795 William Goldman
176796 John Scalzi
176797 Douglas Adams
176798 Jason Reitman

3. Why is the Princess Bride kidnapped?

176799 For the ransom
176800 Prince Humperdinck wants to steal the princess from his rival
176801 To start a war between Guilder and Florin
176802 To be used as bait to capture the Dread Pirate Roberts

4. Which character is praised for having “a great gift for rhyme”?

176803 Westley
176804 Vizzini
176805 Fezzik
176806 Inigo Montoya

5. How does the Dread Pirate Roberts defeat Vizzini?

176807 In a duel
176808 With poison
176809 By hitting him on the head with a large rock
176810 By humiliating him so badly in a battle of wits that he dies of embarrassment

6. When does Princess Buttercup realize that the Dread Pirate Roberts is really her true love, Westley?

176811 When his mask falls off as he climbs the Cliffs of Insanity
176812 He reveals his identity when he rescues her from Vizzini
176813 The minute she sees him in his Dread Pirate Roberts garb
176814 When the Dread Pirate Roberts yells, “As you wish” as he rolls down the hill

7. Where do Westley and Princess Buttercup hide from Prince Humperdinck?

176815 Cliffs of Insanity
176816 Fire Swamp
176817 Pit of Despair
176818 Eel-Infested Waters

8. How many years of Westley’s life were sucked away on his first encounter with The Machine?

176819 1 year
176820 2 years
176821 50 years
176822 20 years

9. What is an MLT?

176823 Mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich
176824 Mushroom, lettuce and trout sandwich
176825 Mayo, lamb and turnip sandwich
176826 Mackerel, leeks and tomato sandwich

10. What is Miracle Max’s wife’s name?

176827 Anne
176828 Valerie
176829 Carol
176830 Veronica

11. Fred Savage, who plays the role of the grandson, is wearing a sports jersey. Which Chicago sports team is featured on the jersey?

176831 Bulls
176832 Cubs
176833 White ox
176834 Bears

12. Which actor wrote a book about their experiences on The Princess Bride?

176835 Cary Elwes
176836 Robin Wright
176837 Mandy Patinkin
176838 Rob Reiner
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