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Test Your Knowledge About World Wide Fund for Nature Trivia Quiz

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As its name suggests, WWF is committed to protecting and preserving the wider environment. The work of this NGO is based on a scientific approach and a human approach to conserving biodiversity by monitoring the conservation of species and establishing missions aimed at reducing the impact of humans on the environment. The WWF is a non-governmental organization founded by Julian Huxley of Britain. The organization has five million donors worldwide, and its operational network spans 100 countries. WWF originally stood for the World Wide Fund, but the organization changed its name to the World Wide Fund for Nature and still work. Now check your knowledge about World Wide Fund for Nature.

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1. When was the World Wide Fund for Nature found?

34627 1996
34628 1994
34629 1961
34630 1962

2. World Wide Fund for Nature was formerly named.

34631 World Wide Animal Fund
34632 World Wildlife Fund
34633 World Wide Fund for Nature
34634 World Wide Funds for Wildlife

3. Which animal use as a logo by the world wild fund for nature?

34635 Tiger
34636 Panda
34637 Lion
34638 Dog

4. The first president of the World Wide Fund for Nature was?

34639 Bill Gate
34640 Peter Smith
34641 Lukas Muller
34642 Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld

5. World Wide Fund for Nature giant panda logo originated from a panda named?

34643 Lin Lun
34644 Chi Chi
34645 Bao Hai
34646 Flee

6. Which year was the charity album 'No One's Gonna Change Our World' released for the benefit of the World Wide Fund for Nature?

34647 1969
34648 1959
34649 1979
34650 1989

7. The main purpose of 1001: A Nature Trust which was set up by Prince Bernard and other associates is to handle the World Wide Fund for Nature's?

34651 Administration and fund-raising
34652 Advocating
34653 Charity
34654 Deforestation

8. The idea for a fund on behalf of endangered animals was initially proposed by Victor Stolen to?

34655 Sir Julian Huxley
34656 Julian Smith
34657 Sir Alex
34658 Prince Bernhard

9. Where is WWF headquarter located?

34659 Switzerland
34660 New York
34661 Geneva
34662 None of above

10. Who is the Director-General of the World Wild Fund for Nature?

34663 Sir Alex
34664 Prince Bernhard
34665 Marco Lambertini
34666 Julian Smith

11. When was World Wild Fund for Nature formatted?

34667 29 April 1991
34668 29 April 1981
34669 29 April 1961
34670 19 April 1961

12. What is the revenue of WWF for Nature in 2013?

34671 € 664 million
34672 € 674 million
34673 € 694 million
34674 € 654 million
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