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Quiz: Should I Keep Renting Or Buy My First Home?

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House is as always everyone's priority and there is no doubt that some people like to live in just one place while there are some who never like to settle in one place. For them, buying home every time is not a suitable option at all. For them, there is an option called renting where you have an agreement with the landlord for a fixed rent for a fixed period of time. Well, there are some who like to stay at a place for a longer period of time, You might be confused about what to do? You might be eager to know Should I Keep Renting Or Buy My First Home? Try out this very amazing and interesting quiz and get to know about your suitable choice!!

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1. Do you like to travel?

99615 Often
99616 Rarely
99617 Somewhat
99618 Very often

2. Do you like to have restrictions over a place?

99619 Not really
99620 Somewhat
99621 Yeah
99622 Depends

3. Do you think a lot before moving?

99623 Rarely
99624 Often
99625 Very often
99626 Somewhat

4. Do you have to change places for your jobs?

99627 Often
99628 Rarely
99629 Very Often
99630 Somewhat

5. Do you think you have a good financial status?

99631 Somewhat
99632 Yes
99633 No
99634 Not sure

6. How long do you like to stay at a place?

99635 A month
99636 2-3 months
99637 3-4 months
99638 More than 4 months

7. Do you generally take your family with you?

99639 Often
99640 Very often
99641 Rarely
99642 Somewhat

8. Is moving to new places an adventure for you?

99643 Rarely
99644 Often
99645 Somewhat
99646 Very often

9. On a scale of 1-10. how much workaholic are you?

99647 10
99648 8
99649 5
99650 1

10. What will you do is something broke in your house?

99651 Will fix it
99652 Tell the landlord
99653 I'll not add more to my costs
99654 I'll tell someone to fix it

11. Do you like partying?

99655 Rarely
99656 Often
99657 Very Often
99658 Somewhat

12. What thing motivates you a lot while moving into a house?

99659 The ambience
99660 Quickly moving out
99661 Expense
99662 Happy family
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