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How Should You DIY Your Home Quiz

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Home is your second heart where you want everything to be perfect. DIY projects give your personal touch to every part of its interior. How should you DIY your home depends on the theme of your home. Does your home need remodeling? Is it a stave mirror or pendant light that fulfills your requirement? It is a pleasure when your requirement is your next DIY. Take the quiz below to help you navigate how to do your home décor yourself.

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1. Do your friends think you are a blessing from unblocking the toilet to making a PowerPoint presentation?

105840 Yes, I am a master of all trades
105841 No, they see me doing some refined job
105842 No, I am good at managing team
105843 I always ready with my tools

2. What are your tools?

105848 Knife, baking sheet, and microwave oven
105849 Thread or yarn & needle
105850 Wooden planks, nails, saw, & drilling machine
105851 Wrench

3. You find the water coming out beneath the kitchen sink. How will you correct it?

105860 Gets panic and calls the plumber
105861 Pour a jug full water to let the force of the heavy flow of water act the blockage
105862 Use a rubber plunger on the sinkhole to try with suction and pull out whatever is clogging the drain pipe
105863 Insert the snake pipe after turning off the tap water and move to and fro to clear out the disruption

4. How to fix the door making noise?

105864 Tighten the hinges with a screwdriver
105865 Scrap off the rust and oiling it
105866 Hammer the hinges, re-align, and tighten it
105867 Open and close the door repeatedly to dust off any built-up

5. How to cut away wood in an awkward area?

105872 Dremel rotary hole saw
105873 Bosch's oscillating tool
105874 Hammer & chisel
105875 All of the above

6. You are annoyed with the dripping sound of the tap, what ring should you check?

105876 O-ring
105877 B-ring
105878 S-ring
105879 L-ring

7. You will identify with it really well it might be in your DIY kit-

105880 Paper knife
105881 Cutter
105882 Scorer
105883 Wrench

8. Identify the tool used for fixing pipes and fittings-

105884 Straight pipe wrench
105885 Plier
105886 Hatchet
105887 Scraper

9. You are supposed to repaint your room what will you paint first?

105888 Skirting
105889 Wall
105890 Ceiling
105891 Doors
Let’s start the quiz

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