Quiz: What Is Your Home Decorating Style For Your Favorite Person?

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Your home is a reflection of you. Its interior decoration style should suit your personality. Variations in textures are the prime element of interiors. The more creative style do you have, the more extravagance can you expect in your home. You should know what you love or like to create a style board that would never fail. To know what is your home decorating style try these picture-based and lifestyle questions.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which sofa style do you clad your living room with?

A. American Federal style sofa

B. Modern Sectional Curved sofa

C. Victorian style sofa

D. Chesterfield sofa

2. What color is your favorite?

A. Bright red

B. Sunshine yellow

C. Pristine blue & green

D. White, beige, gray

3. What is your choice of pattern for your sofa?

A. The Ottoman

B. The Armchair

C. The Loveseat / Sofa

D. The Sectional / Modular Sofa

4. How is your kitchen decor?

A. Modern

B. Country Farmhouse

C. Cottage Charm

D. Contemporary

5. You are going to renovate your living room, what wallpaper have you used?

A. Vinyl wallpaper

B. Solid sheet vinyl

C. Vinyl coated fabric

D. Prepasted wallpaper

6. What is your go-to accessory?

A. A sheepskin throw

B. A fiddle leaf fig tree

C. Fabrics

D. Art Deco

7. What is the architecture of your house?

A. Neoclassical architecture

B. Colonial architecture

C. European Style

D. Craftsman Houses

8. If you are asked to pick one antique accessory which will it be?

A. A decanter

B. A huge sputnik chandelier

C. A silver teapot

D. Eames chairs

9. Do you like metallic accents?

A. Yes, always

B. Yes, I often try to include them in my decor

C. No

D. I have used them extensively

10. Which room of your home still needs attention?

A. Nursery

B. Living room

C. Family room

D. Kitchen


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