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Relation between Education and Society Quiz Questions and Answers

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It is the society that determines and formulates the pattern of education keeping its particular needs into account. The duty of society is to make its members socially responsible and political awareness. They are taught their right and duties through various formal and nonformal agencies of education. Culture of society determines the behaviour of the teachers and their methods of teaching. Whether education will be teacher-centred curriculum Centre or Child-centred will depend on whether the culture pattern of the society is autocratic or democratic. So take this quiz and know the relationship between education and society.

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1. Education is a .....

56790 Social subsystem
56791 Interpretation of society
56792 Modification of the whole society
56793 All of the above

2. Which one of the following statement that is least educational valid?

56794 Heterogeneous grouping is undemocratic
56795 Drill period should be brief
56796 Study habits should be taught
56797 Over learning constitutes a waste of time

3. Educational Sociology is the study of the interaction of the individual with his cultural environment which includes other individual social groups and patterns of behavior. This definition was given by.....

56798 Brown
56799 George Payne
56800 Auguste comte
56801 None of the above

4. Educational Sociology contributes.....

56802 To the establishment of school discipline
56803 To the development of Curriculum
56804 To the formulation of educational AIMS
56805 All of the above

5. Mass media, cinema, and Library are passive agencies of education because.....

56806 They provide informal education
56807 Learner cannot react to the feedback system of these Agencies directly
56808 We cannot come closer to the educated person
56809 All of the above

6. Which of the following is not an active agent of education?

56810 Factory and workshop
56811 State
56812 Religious and social organisation
56813 Family

7. In informal agencies of education.....

56814 Learners need not do efforts for learning here
56815 Formalities of rules and regulation are reduced to the minimum
56816 No formal evaluation is done
56817 All of the above

8. Which of the following is an important responsibility of schools towards home?

56818 Supplementing the educated functions of this family
56819 Enabling the child to appreciate the role of the family
56820 Equipping the child with social norms
56821 All of the above

9. Sex education to adults is needed in order to......

56822 Reduce captions about sex and its related problems
56823 Get them Adjusted in their own family
56824 Both of the above
56825 None of the above

10. Most influential social engineers in the country......

56826 The teacher
56827 The social worker
56828 Priest
56829 None of the above

11. In a democratic country, the school should reflect.....

56830 National aspirations
56831 Community related local aspirations
56832 Both of the above
56833 None of the above

12. The main role of education according to Plato was...

56834 Tostrengthen the state
56835 To develop the personality of each individual
56836 To develop the power of contemplation
56837 All of the above
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