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Quiz: Which My Hero Academia Character Are You?

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Being a hero is always very fascinating to some degree. The extraordinary journey of Izuku Midoriya is something we all get attracted to and that unleashes the wish of becoming a hero within us. Some characters like Tenya Iida, Katsuki Bakugo, and Endeavor are the ones that make this anime a favorite one. Do you dream of being a hero? Let's find out with this simple quiz which My hero Academia character are you.

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1. Do you take risks to achieve your goal?

123844 Yes
123845 Sometimes
123846 Never
123847 I plan for things

2. What do you do when you fail?

123848 Feel upset
123849 Start crying
123850 Get ready for the next challenge
123851 Learn from the failure

3. What gives the motivation in life?

123852 My family
123853 My goal in life
123854 My ideal person
123855 My friends

4. Are you good at sports?

123856 I am a soccer champion
123857 Not really
123858 I am a team player
123859 I play for fun

5. Are you good at studies?

123860 I am hardworking
123861 I am the teacher's favorite
123862 Average student
123863 I hate academics

6. What does your family mean to you?

123864 Everything for me
123865 I don't care
123866 I don't have one
123867 They just exist

7. What describes you the best?

123868 Inevitable
123869 God-gifted
123870 Best
123871 Arrogant

8. What is your hobby?

123872 Painting
123873 Video games
123874 Reading books
123875 Fishing

9. How do others feel around you?

123876 Insecure
123877 Confident
123878 Protected
123879 I don't care

10. What describes a hero?

123880 The savior
123881 The protector
123882 The winner
123883 The strong & mighty
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