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Quiz: Which Hamilton Character Are You?

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Hamilton, the musical phenomenon has surfaced the faults in the Founding Fathers and their legacy. You must be having a desire to start humming a lyric from the songs of "Hamilton" every time you think of them. Before you start with their excellent lyrics, how about getting into a Hamilton character? Take this quiz to know which Hamilton character you are.

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1. Who is your favorite person?

122344 My mother
122345 My father
122346 My girlfriend
122347 No one

2. Your favorite city?

122348 Los Angeles
122349 Paris
122350 London
122351 New York

3. Which is your favorite Hamilton song?

122352 One Last Time
122353 Say No To This
122354 Guns and Ships
122355 Helpless

4. What do you desire the most?

122356 Love
122357 Peace
122358 Family
122359 Honor

5. Do you love your family?

122360 Yes
122361 No
122362 Maybe
122363 I don't have a family

6. What is your favorite color?

122364 Red
122365 White
122366 Navy Blue
122367 Green

7. Are you a leader?

122368 Yes
122369 No
122370 Maybe
122371 Never gave a thought

8. What is your greatest asset?

122372 Power
122373 Fame
122374 Money
122375 Knowledge

9. What would you like to have for a drink?

122376 Scotch
122377 Ale
122378 Rum
122379 Beer

10. Which is your favorite lyric?

122380 Chick-a-plao
122381 Talk less smile more
122382 Well he is never gonna be president
122383 I am a general Whee
Let’s start the quiz

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