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Quiz: What Should My Gamertag Be?

Let’s start the quiz

Do you wonder what could be your Gamertag? Or at least, what do you resemble? Well, then here is the right place to find out. Take the below quiz for some inspiration and then go back to enjoying your game and winning around. So, let’s start the quiz.

Let’s start the quiz

1. Do you have to choose one crafting skill? Which one would you?

133533 Tailoring
133534 Cooking
133535 Alchemy
133536 Blacksmithing

2. Do you try to get all the achievements in a game?

133537 Yes, if they are easy
133538 Only if getting the achievements is part of the game
133539 Of course, if they are fun
133540 I don’t care about them

3. How do you feel about romances in games?

133541 They are cheesy. I don’t like it.
133542 I love them
133543 I hate them
133544 I don’t play those games

4. There’s a big video game sale going on? What would you buy?

133545 The games on my wish list
133546 Any of them
133547 Nothing. I don’t look out for sales.
133548 A few that looks good

5. What weapon do you use while playing a zombie shooting game?

133549 Shotgun
133550 Handgun
133551 Chainsaw
133552 Sniper Rifle

6. What is your favorite gaming system?

133553 PlayStation
133554 PC
133555 Xbox
133556 Nintendo Wii

7. What do you do when your character enters someone’s home?

133557 Steal everything
133558 Look for something precious only
133559 Look for someone to attack
133560 See if there’s someone to talk

8. If could play only one game genre, what would it be?

133561 Puzzle game
133562 RPGs
133563 Simulations
133564 Strategy games

9. Do you care about the story when you are playing a game?

133565 Yes, I like it if it’s a good story
133566 No, I don’t care much
133567 It depends on the game
133568 I am fine if it has a story or not

10. What would you ride in a video game?

133569 A tank
133570 A horse
133571 A helicopter
133572 A Car
Let’s start the quiz

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