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Quiz: How White Am I?

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Being white means that you fall under a certain racial stereotype. If you like apple pies more than other deserts or if you enjoy BBQ on the weekends with your family then you are already very white. But discovering how white you are can be fun. Are you wondering why you like to go hunting? Or why do you think football is better than soccer? Then take this quiz to find out how white are you.

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1. Where do you live?

124652 New York
124653 Texas
124654 Mexico
124655 France

2. Who is your favorite pop singer?

124660 Taylor Swift
124661 Bob Dylan
124662 Beyonce
124663 Billie Eilish

3. What is your favorite holiday?

124668 Thanksgiving
124669 Halloween
124670 Christmas
124671 Hanukkah

4. What is your ideal weekend plan?

124672 Chilling at home alone
124673 BBQ in my backyard
124674 Camping in the woods
124675 Family time

5. Do you buy organic food?

124680 Very much
124681 If I want to
124682 Depends on my mood
124683 No money for that

6. Do you have a spinster aunt who you dislike?

124684 She lives next door
124685 I don’t know
124686 I have an uncle I dislike
124687 Not really

7. How do you feel about owning a gun?

124692 It’s a necessity
124693 For self-defense
124694 Not sure
124695 They are too dangerous

8. What do you plan to name your kid one day?

124700 Ted
124701 Alora
124702 Norberto
124703 Grace

9. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

124704 Traveling the world
124705 Owning a business empire
124706 Married with two kids
124707 Other

10. How do your friends describe you?

124708 Ethical
124709 Kind
124710 Brave
124711 Rebellious
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